Automation Logic is a UK-based IT consultancy specialising in DevOps transformation and delivery.

At Automation Logic, we help our clients unlock the value of business transformation through cloud adoption. Grounded in more than ten years of experience delivering transformational change underpinned by agile ways of working, our culture — which has been forged and matured in DevOps principles and philosophy — is unique.

The unique way we focus on our clients' problems paired with our passion for solving them, makes us your ideal partner to shape, build, and mature new digital products and services. We achieve that by having composable and interlinked service offerings that focus on realising value and delivering outcomes that matter to you.

We constantly work on learning and creating new methodologies, and always helping IT organisations to evolve and transform to become Cloud Native.

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Cloud has fundamentally changed how organisations buy and consume technology. It has also enabled them to redesign and optimise their business models, leading to improved levels of collaboration between their business and technology functions. However, organisations need to better understand how they will derive value from Cloud and then plan for success. Acting as your trusted advisor, we can answer your questions and help you define your Cloud strategy.



Execution is everything. Without the right skills and structure, your Cloud strategy, however thorough, will not succeed. Whether you’re thinking about developing a Cloud Centre of Excellence, establishing a new landing zone, migrating your workloads, or creating a secure, container-based platform, we offer the skills and experience to help you succeed. Through our proprietary offerings and accelerators, we won’t only enable you to realise your aims and objectives while safely navigating the pitfalls of poorly executed Cloud strategies — we will add lasting positive value to you and your people through knowledge transfer.



The current pace of change means that organisations, both big and small, face a growing number of threats — from new market entrants to the shifting expectations of the consumer and citizen. For 2022 and beyond, the only certainty is that those who stand still will be left behind. Apart from making sure that you’re set up to innovate, we will help you understand the gap between where you are and where you need to be. Above and beyond our ability to help you measure this delta, we can help you realise your goals more quickly and predictably.

Service Delivery


Our approach to service delivery is deeply rooted in our engineering DNA and founded on our DevOps philosophy. We have honed our skills incorporating our core values to ensure we help our customers tackle their challenges and execute their vision in the most optimal way. For Automation Logic, Service Delivery is the careful and coordinated intersection of four key domains that delivers value to our customers.

DevOps Academy


We have launched a unique and highly specialised DevOps Academy to equip aspiring engineers in a broad range of DevOps practices, tools and technologies. As leaders in this space, our prospectus is developed by experts based on the needs of our clients.

Case studies

FTSE 250 Cloud Adoption

Automation Logic were engaged to migrate multiple hosted data centres moving those services to the cloud.

Central Government Digital Services Operations Transformation

Automation Logic were engaged to move on-premise estates to the Azure cloud.

Central Government Infrastructure Automation

Automation Logic were engaged to expedite the delivery of one of the client's core services.

Our clients

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We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent and people who share our values. Even as we continue to grow, we maintain a family environment with respect and teamwork core to our culture.


In 2021 Automation Logic was delighted to be recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ by Great Place to Work®.

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8th March 2023Whats New

Automation Logic announce Kubernetes Platform Accelerator

Companies can start deploying containerised workloads to Kubernetes In days not months, by leveraging Automation Logic’s Kubernetes Platform Accelerator.

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21st February 2023

Making Kubernetes Work For You: The Skills Challenge.

Kubernetes has officially gone mainstream - that’s the verdict of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s 2021 survey. You certainly don’t go long without hearing about it these days, and it does seem that most of our customers are somewhere on the scale between dabbling in Kubernetes and using it at full production scale.

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