Leadership Team Development at AL with Georg Fasching

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At AL we regularly post blogs discussing our passion for growing and maintaining a great Company culture, living our values and keeping our people and our clients at the heart of all we do. In fact our two founders described their views just recently when being interviewed about what it meant to them to place […]

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Log Classification: A Comparison of Machine Learning Approaches (Part One)

Machine Learning

The hype around machine learning shows no sign of slowing down. But while companies set out to hire more data scientists and machine learning engineers, many of us are still left wondering what it is exactly. In this two part blog series machine learning engineer Maartens Lourens sets out to introduce machine learning concepts and […]

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A guide to embracing the Automation Revolution

AutomationAutomation LogicBusiness Blog

Despite the market hype and doom-mongering hyperbole, automation is not going to bring about the apocalypse anytime soon.┬áBut it is going to change the way we work dramatically. As automation specialists, we see it as our duty to make sure the automation revolution brings about a new normal that will improve industry not destroy it. […]

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What does it take to be a DevOps Engineer? With Martyn Pratt and Jack Sheppard

Automation LogicDevops

Here at AL, we strongly believe we have some of the most talented DevOps engineers in the industry. But, what does that actually mean? With the DevOps movement growing and skills being high in demand; what does it mean to call yourself a DevOps engineer? And, more importantly, what skills does that give you that […]

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