Guiness and Brown M&M’s by Scott Rattray


Over the years the agile movement has steadily gained pace alongside the DevOps evolution, thus changing how we deliver products and services. Gaining feedback from both systems and customers has allowed companies to understand their needs better: Learning what needs to change and, critically, what to change it to.   As with most ideas attributed to […]

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Tales from the Support Desk: Automating Our Own Jobs Away? By Lily She-Yin


TL;DR – No, Not Really No Job Too Small, We’ll Do It All There’s a joke about a young engineer at their very first job, in a milk bottling factory. The supervisor has a task for them, and explains: “You see this conveyor belt here? Every now and again it will jerk to a stop, […]

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CloudFormation Shared Components by Patrick Marques

Automation Logic

CloudFormation is the AWS native way of describing Infrastructure as Code, it is a simple and easy way to deploy almost all types of resources while AWS takes care of their lifecycle. For example, we can easily create, delete or update an EC2 instance by changing properties in a CloudFormation template. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, […]

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The DevOps Academy Graduates: Final Projects


The Automation Logic DevOps Academy is a 12-week intensive course taking the top percentile of STEM graduates and guiding them to become Junior DevOps Consultants when they graduate the course.  They learn a whole range of tools and skills to prepare them and finish the course by splitting into project teams to complete final projects […]

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