Better business through automation

Automation Logic is a leading professional services consultancy helping organisations to embrace human-friendly automation and achieve their creative potential. We deliver Cloud, Automation and DevOps solutions and we advocate the strategic adoption of automation as the foundation for prosperity in the digital age. As individuals and as a team, we value curiosity, humility, courage and collaboration above all, and we exist to deliver better business through automation.


Always learning

Curiosity shapes our understanding of the world. As individuals it inspires us to question everything we know until we find a solution or work out a better one. As a team it drives us forward, pushing us to innovate and keep ahead of accepted norms, maximising the positive disruption delivered through automation. Curiosity spurs our enthusiasm and dedication to our work, keeping our approach instinctive and human.


Pride without ego

We are proud to be subject matter experts in our field, valuing our expertise without ego. Confidence in our abilities is always balanced with an understanding of the responsibility we have as digital innovators and engineers. We are cognisant of the future impact of automation on society and strive to be the educators and navigators of this new age. Staying open to new ideas and different points of view is key to this aspiration.


Never breaking our promise

We are committed to delivering better business through automation and we are invested in the sustainable prosperity of our clients. We believe in open, honest and mutually beneficial partnerships that are built around trust, knowledge sharing and giving/receiving the right advice. We never compromise for short-term fixes. We prefer to speak up at the right time and enlighten clients to the best and most sustainable solution.


Committed to our clients, our values and each other

We are engineers, consultants, strategists and evangelists for automation. Together, we combine skills to create joined-up strategies for our clients based on a clear understanding of their business. Our aim is to become a trusted and valued extension of their team, sharing knowledge and showing initiative at every stage. We thrive in collaboration and actively seek out partners and suppliers who share the same values.

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