AL is delighted to announce that we are the 2021 winners of Computing’s DevOps Excellence Pandemic Performance award. This is all the more meaningful for our team after the hard work and dedication everyone showed in keeping our people safe and our maintaining business continuity for our clients. 

2020 was an indisputably hard year for everyone in different ways. But for AL, it was a year that ended in pride, success and most astoundingly, growth and happy people.

How did we get through the Pandemic in 2020?

“Sticking to our goals and still managing to achieve them, we didn’t panic and change everything.” 

Or in other words

‘We were handed a bunch of lemons, and we made lemonade’ 

Kris Saxton.

We committed to the goals we’d set out and found new ways of making them possible. This showed the teams faith in our mission, values and in each other. 

For more information on how we adapted through the pandemic and pivoted to deliver our DevOps Academy online, take a look at our 2020:  A Year in Review Blog HERE.

To discuss further or share your own experiences and lessons learned, contact us today – 

Award Details

The coronavirus pandemic forced companies to adopt agile working methodologies: perhaps the largest external shift to DevOps ever seen. Firms that took the plunge immediately became more competitive than their less-agile rivals, although there were certainly pain points in the transition – whether you were already doing DevOps or not.

This one-time Special Award is for the company who best used DevOps for success in the pandemic: to break down silos, increase efficiencies and continue operating in the face of the upheaval seen in 2020. Judges will particularly be looking for a description of your business state before, during and after the worst of the pandemic.


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