Leadership Team Development at AL with Georg Fasching

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At AL we regularly post blogs discussing our passion for growing and maintaining a great Company culture, living our values and keeping our people and our clients at the heart of all we do. In fact our two founders described their views just recently when being interviewed about what it meant to them to place […]

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A guide to embracing the Automation Revolution

AutomationAutomation LogicBusiness Blog

Despite the market hype and doom-mongering hyperbole, automation is not going to bring about the apocalypse anytime soon. But it is going to change the way we work dramatically. As automation specialists, we see it as our duty to make sure the automation revolution brings about a new normal that will improve industry not destroy it. […]

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Does DevOps Make Sense for Large Organisations? By Kris Saxton

Automation LogicBusiness Blog

DevOps is a new organisational model which attempts to better connect workers with the users of their products and services by foregoing the traditional grouping of people by function for a grouping by product or service. Anyone who has worked in a ‘tiger team’ or some other kind of task force, where people are drawn […]

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Blue-Green Deployment with Route53 and CloudFormation by Yufang Zhang

AutomationAWSCloudcontinuous deliveryDevops

Having an automated deployment process, or Continuous Delivery can hugely speed up the time to get a “done” software released. Blue-Green Deployment, as one of the techniques being used in it, can reduce downtime by having two identical production environments. Only one of the two environments have live traffic going in at any time. For […]

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An Interview with Automation Logic’s Academy Grads by Becky Hynes


The Academy A crucial part of AL’s business success is the ability to keep up with the changing technology landscape, from developing services that meet the needs of our clients to building and supporting a team of talented consulting engineers. Over the last 5 years there has been a shift towards DevOps leading to a […]

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Scalable Governance on AWS by Xavier Thomas

AWSBusiness Blog

Most of us are familiar with the usual hierarchal organisation set up by an IT department, where an individual developer is at the bottom of the totem pole and has to escalate upwards to get any issues resolved. Something as simple as being able to create a Dev environment to test one’s work has to […]

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Experiencing the AWS Partner Migration Workshop (held 03/10) by Matt Peperell

AWSBusiness Blog

Earlier this month a colleague and I attended the Partner Migration Workshop at Amazon’s Holborn (London) office. The format of this event was a showcase of AWS and chosen third-party products likely to be of use to firms undertaking a migration to the public cloud, followed by post-event socialisation. Around 30 people went along, so […]

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My first week at Automation Logic by David Pintor, Consulting Engineer

Business Blog

It’s been over a week since I started a new job at Automation Logic as a Consulting Engineer. I have to say I could not be happier with what I’ve seen so far! Just to set the context, I left a relatively comfortable position in a big corporation, where I had been for almost ten […]

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