Companies can start deploying containerised workloads to Kubernetes In days not months, by leveraging Automation Logic’s Kubernetes Platform Accelerator.

Kubernetes is the de facto standard for running modern applications at scale. Automation Logic have been helping organisations unlock the benefits of Kubernetes since 2018. Now, with their latest accelerators and guidance built on this experience, rapidly deploying best practice container platforms at scale has never been easier.

LONDON; March 1, 2023 – Companies are increasingly making use of Kubernetes to support their modernisation efforts in order to benefit from the cost and performance efficiency. According to the CNCF, 96% of organisations are either using or evaluating Kubernetes, with 90% of Kubernetes users leveraging cloud-managed services [1]. However, organisations still struggle with this technology due to the complex ecosystem, further hindered by an industry-wide skills gap. 48% of respondents to a survey by Canonical cited “Lack of in-house skills/limited manpower” as being the biggest challenge around Kubernetes adoption [2]

Automation Logic’s latest accelerators and guidance draw on their experience helping clients to tackle these challenges and gain lasting value from Kubernetes.

AL’s Kubernetes Platform Accelerator provides a pre-packaged, rapidly deployable Kubernetes environment on AWS. Within two weeks, clients can have their own multi-environment Kubernetes platform based on Amazon EKS, aligned with the AWS Well-Architected framework and Kubernetes best practices. This expedites delivery of the client’s containerisation strategy and demystifies this massively complex ecosystem. AL’s unique upskilling approach closes the skills gap and ensures clients are empowered, self-sufficient and confident in deploying and operating Kubernetes at scale.

“Building a well-engineered Kubernetes platform on AWS from scratch has always been a huge challenge. This new offering eliminates a lot of the pains we had on the ground, giving us a standardised, reusable solution. The team can now spend less time building and more time deploying and customising.” said Luke Wiltshire, Senior Consulting Engineer at AL. “By arming client teams with the built-in monitoring and logging, we are able to support the platform effectively – regardless of new deployments, as it’s all part of the ready-to-deploy technical accelerators”. 

AL’s pre-configured infrastructure-as-code – including monitoring, pipelines, vulnerability analysis and security features, backed by easy to follow runbooks and documentation – cuts through the complexity of Kubernetes and brings predictability to costs and timelines. Engineering teams can now hit the ground running, leveraging this solid foundation to develop new functionality and deliver maximum business value.

Our case studies summarise the following benefits customers can expect:

  1. Accelerated deployment of container-based workloads;
  2. Improved time-to-value;
  3. Compliance with Well-Architected principles – security, reliability, cost optimisation, ease of operation;
  4. CI/CD standardisation, portability, scalability and resilience;
  5. Rapid upskilling in Kubernetes implementation;
  6. Out-of-the-box deployment into a landing zone

To find out about the Kubernetes Platform Accelerator in more detail and explore the relevant documentation and case studies, please get in touch at 

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