Centralising IAM Roles & Policies

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IAM a Mess Often times when looking through CloudFormation example templates online, we will tend to notice that IAM roles and policies are coded alongside the resource they are attached to, embedded into the same template. In most circumstances, that is perfectly fine – having IAM resources in the same CloudFormation template as your resources […]

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Automation for the Win


Imagine a bitter, cold January day. People at the office are just starting to settle into the post-holiday work-life, still recuperating from the many holiday food comas and parties. Then suddenly, panic – a large group of about 600 caseworkers are not able to carry out their vital work because of an internal network issue.  […]

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Where do delays start?

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Delays are a problem for almost everyone that has ever worked in the IT industry, even with the best team and a generous budget it can be difficult to avoid them. Especially in the highly regulated industries which we’re so familiar with. Its rarely one person’s fault, so is there something that can be done […]

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AL Python Meetup by Martyn Pratt

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The Python meetup gang I love Python. It is easily my favourite programming language, so I decided to organise a meetup to teach and have a play with it along with some of my AL colleagues. Python is an interpreted programming language that comes bundled with almost all modern Unix-like operating systems (Mac OS, Linux […]

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The Women Of The DevOps Academy: On Inclusivity At AL

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In 2018 Automation Logic won Best Workplace For Women in the Small Business category of Great Places To Work as well as the third Best Workplace in the UK overall.  We know how important it is to have a truly inclusive workforce and we are always on the look-out for new ways to broaden the […]

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Academy to Industry


Today we’re talking to Jonathan and Bobby, from our latest DevOps Academy Graduate intake to hear more about how the Academy set them up for life as an engineer. They’ve been working as Junior Consulting Engineers now and have both spent time working on client site for Government projects. We started by asking them how […]

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The Logic behind Automation


Today we’re speaking to Vlad Moraru about the thought process behind any Automation Project he begins. When it comes to automation, the goal is generally to simplify processes with the added benefit of cutting time, cost, and margin for human error. But preparing and implementing automation systems still requires a lot of thought process, so […]

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Installing OpenStack on AWS by George Tarnaras


Installation Probably everyone with OpenStack hands-on experience would agree that sometimes it could be hard and frustrating to install it and test it. Especially if you do not own a small Data Center or the proper physical infrastructure to support its installation needs… However, wouldn’t it be great to use a public cloud provider and […]

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Work experience at AL

Automation Logic

During July we had high school student, Ella Gibson in the office for a week to learn more about what business roles may interest her in the future. Ella spent a large portion of her time with the marketing team, but also met with the Business Development Team, the Talent Acquisition Team, and the Head […]

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Life at AL: From a Senior Engineer

Automation Logic

Senior Consulting Engineer Matt Peperell has been with Automation Logic just shy of 4 years. He started as a consulting engineer and, as one of the early members of the AL team, he helped shape the company and the career progression that comes with the roles.  Matt has seen more of AL life than most […]

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