Case Study: Central Government Agency

The client accrued technical debt not only inhibited its ability to meet its strategic goals but was also becoming progressively more expensive to service. With our support, they instituted new ways of working to overcome these challenges while reducing costs and increasing reliability.

Case Study: HMRC

Set against the backdrop of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, HMRC sought to expedite the delivery of CDS — it's new, highly complex import and export back-office application processing solution.

Case Study: FTSE 500 Company

The goal of the client was to exit multiple hosted data centres, moving those services to the cloud, focusing on developing and releasing business value with greater frequency, and decoupling the supporting infrastructure into microservices.

Case Study: Central Government Client

The client uses a variety of large-scale systems. These systems were lifted-and-shifted from on-premises data-centres to Azure in 2017. AL were engaged to provide stable resources including skilled engineers and a delivery manager, up-skill civil servants, improve service, reduce costs and introduce DevOps best practices where appropriate.

Case Study: Large UK Bank

Faced with new and ever more complex cyber-security threats, the bank aimed to consolidate its vulnerability feeds data into a single, visible platform.

AL Enable Major Supermarket to Launch New eComms Platform, Increasing Online Spend by avg. £1.22 per Customer

Automation Logic was engaged to deliver a new, fit-for-purpose eCommerce platform.

Central Government Infrastructure Automation

Automation Logic were engaged to expedite the delivery of one of the client's core services.

Central Government Digital Services Operations Transformation

Automation Logic were engaged to move on-premise estates to the Azure cloud.

FTSE 250 Cloud Adoption

Automation Logic were engaged to migrate multiple hosted data centres moving those services to the cloud.

Accelerating Public Cloud Migration at Lead UK Bank

Automation Logic is engaged to assist with a public cloud migration.

AL Transform Digital Services at MoJ Reducing Hosting Costs by 90%

The goal was to provide a software deployment platform which would enable the faster delivery of user value.

AWS Migrations at LAA

Migrating from on-prem to AWS and providing 3rd line support.

Assisting the Operational Delivery of an Azure Platform for Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Automation Logic are utilising WebOps, DevOps expertise to collaborate with existing teams at DEFRA on the delivery of an Azure Platform.

Cloud Adoption at Met Office

Automation Logic and Met Office established a partnership with DevOps principles at its core.

AWS Migration Project for Insurance-related Apps at

Automation Logic's DevOps Academy graduates worked to help to migrate applications to AWS.

Supporting Legacy Transformation at the Legal Aid Agency

As LAA seek to implement a forward-looking technology strategy, Automation Logic has been engaged to drive platform improvements and support a move to AWS cloud.

Out of Hours Support for Her Majesty’s Passport Office

Automation Logic provides level 2 and 3 out of hours support for digital services and is engaged to support an AWS migration for a number of key applications.

Continuous Improvement Discovery and Design [CIDD] for a Large Teleco Company.

Automation Logic worked to automate the clients' servers.

Common Platform Programme (CPP) for Highly Sensitive Data in a Central Government Department

Automation Logic was engaged to help embed DevOps skills and experience to accelerate project delivery.

Data Center Automation for one of the largest Insurance Providers in Europe.

Automation Logic worked to enable greater operational efficiencies in requesting and fulfilling services in the data centre.

Continuous Improvement Discovery and Design [CIDD] for Central Government

Automation Logic worked to plan and execute application services using CSA 3 [Cloud Service Automation].

Improving Infrastructure Utilisation for Large Energy Business

Automation Logic worked with one of the UK's largest energy and utility organisations on an automation project

General Code Deployment – Earth Programme for a Major Bank within the Retail Industry.

Automation Logic was engaged to use HP tools to automate over 500 applications and 4,500 servers.

Global Financial Services Company – Integration to outsourced managed private cloud

Automation Logic led the development of a Cloud Manager solution to manage resources within the data centre.

UK Financial Services Company – Simplified IaaS

The team developed and implemented a self-service solution based on the HPE cloud toolset and VMWare Orchestrator that delivered base OS builds within 15 minutes.

Global Investment Bank – Continuous delivery and automation of fulfilment process

Automation Logic worked to; simplify HPE CSA Service Designs to use external data rather than hardcoded data, develop new HPE CSA resource selection process.

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