Automation Logic were engaged to help build a software delivery platform for the MOJ’s digital services (new, internet-facing government services). The goal was to provide a software deployment platform which would enable the faster delivery of user value.

Once engaged, Automation Logic embedded with several MOJ service delivery teams in lead WebOps roles and began the process of building the Platform, selecting Amazon Web Service (AWS) as the cloud provider, and Salt, Sensu, ELK, Graphite, Jenkins and Docker as the core technologies.


Adhering to the Digital Service Standard, within six months the project became the first internal government Platform to pass alpha assessment. As it progressed through beta, the team set itself the goal of hosting more than 60% of MOJ digital services within the first year.

Embedding in product teams and on-boarding multiple digital services, the team achieved the 60% adoption goal 2 months early.

Previously hosted in a vendor-managed private cloud, migrating to the new Platform reduced hosting costs by 90%.

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