AL was engaged by to migrate their insurance-related application from Google Cloud to a production-ready platform on AWS and build it further on AWS using DevOps best-practices.

The application needed to do queries across 100 Terabytes of data to calculate the security measures over time and across multiple portfolios as well as daily re-calculations for 100,000’s of companies.

Using AWS CloudFormation, the solution included the database, web and API servers, CI/CD pipelines, logging, monitoring, security, auditing and compliance. We also assisted the development, staging and production environments and a blue-green deployment model.

The outcome of the project was an AWS-native application platform providing all of the common infrastructure services needed to develop, test, release and maintain a series of live financial services.

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“It is rare to see tech and dev work undertaken in such a rigorous, but creative and relaxed way.

I have witnessed many tech and dev projects in the last 20 years and this is certainly in the top few percent. For a growing internally funded company it’s a real coup’’.

–       Director,

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