Set against the backdrop of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, our client sought to expedite the delivery of their biggest core service — its new, highly complex import and export back-office application processing solution.

Our consultants played a crucial role in creating a culture that promoted shared ownership, dismantled organisational silos, accepted failure as a way to learn fast, embraced risk, implemented changes gradually, leveraged common tooling and automation, and used metrics to inform future project direction.



We worked in partnership with the client’s team to institute a range of DevOps and SRE-led best practices, processes and tools while providing hands-on delivery support. When the AL team joined the programme,  around 2 million imports could be theoretically processed daily. Due to outages and issues, this number was actually sitting at 40,000  per day. The new system now allows for over 8.5 million per day with a goal to increase this further.

AL worked with the client to institute a range of DevOps and SRE-led best practices while providing hands-on delivery support. These initiatives included guidelines for site troubleshooting, developing new applications to detect and resolve issues quickly, establishing new tools to enhance issue detection/ correlation, and automating the client’s build/deployment processes.

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