Given the nature of the programme, public interest must be at the heart of all decisions to ensure any systems deployed are fit-for-purpose and deliver measurable benefits.The single case management system must be able to deal with high volumes of both personal and time-sensitive data in a shorter time frame.

The programme had been over-running due to an underestimation on the time, skill and effort required to build the basic framework. AL was brought in to bring DevOps best practice to the programme to speed up the delivery of the framework.


The key programme outcome is for the Common Platform Programme [CPP] to be fully implemented by the end of 2019.

Since joining the CPP in 2016, AL has been key to delivering productivity improvements and accelerating the pace of delivery to help meet programme goals.

Despite initial delays prior to AL’s engagement, the programme is now running to schedule and hitting every go-live date on time ensuring funding can be released for the subsequent phase.

To date, the two main components of the project are now live. The programme has now been rolled out across the country, being used by multiple sub-departments of the client nationwide.

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