The aim of the service automation effort was to significantly reduce build time from the manual build effort that would take weeks, down to an automated build of ~6 hours. In addition to this, the client wanted a consistent build that would significantly reduce the number of defects.

The client also wanted a less senior engineer able to deploy the service, costing the company less time and money. (As opposed to the manual delivery process -this required a very experienced engineer investing significant effort per build). They also wanted to remove the need for manual handovers between siloed teams, these had the potential of leading to delays and/or errors.


The results following the successful delivery of the project meant the environment delivery time using the automated deployment method reduced from a number of weeks to ~6 hours. Freeing up more experienced resources to work on other deliverables.

The environments delivered were consistent, reducing the number of defects when handing over, as well as ensuring that all environments were in alignment for code deployments.

Perhaps the greatest outcome for the company was the reduced delivery time and assured the quality of the automated service provisioning, the cost for delivering an environment reduced significantly, resulting in the client selling many more environments than originally anticipated. Overall, the project increased revenue streams whilst ensuring product quality.

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