The three goals the client wished to see from this project were a reduction in cost, mitigation of risk, and a better customer experience. They required a deep simplification of the application deployment processes [a functional transformation].

The two measurable goals were to reduce cost and risk. The client wanted to see a reduction in operating costs within GTS [Global Technology Services] by automating as much as possible. As well as a mitigation of operational risks by reducing the complexity of interventions on servers.


To put the project success into numbers, once AL rolled off the programme:

•More than 4500 servers became easily managed.
•More than 4000 servers became securely compliant.
•More than 260 applications were modelled and standardized.
•The initial delivery of newer applications was reduced from around 6 months to 15 days.

Code Deployments Time has dramatically been reduced (depending on application complexity):

•From a day to few hours (4-5h).
•From hours (2.5) to minutes (approximately 45 minutes or less).
•Risk mitigation reduced by more than 70%.
•Operating Costs reduced overtime by more than 65%.

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