Automation Logic, together with HPE, created the client’s initial IaaS solution.  However, this initial version, whilst automated, involved a very complex process and required specialist knowledge to initiate an IaaS request.  There was opportunity to further simplify and implement a self-service internal cloud system for development servers to compete directly with external cloud providers like Amazon and Azure.


The team developed and implemented a self-service solution based on the HPE cloud toolset and VMWare Orchestrator that delivered base OS builds within 15 minutes and reduced the build complexity from twenty-six touch points to five. The solution was underpinned by an in-house developed Allocation Management application which allowed the management of the available resources within the Virtual Infrastructure and the allocation and subsequent billing to individual projects.

The design is being used as a model for how server provisioning should be performed within the bank. The current implementation is delivering servers at a cost comparable to the external providers. The quick build and zero lead time is facilitating the change towards a more agile and cost effective use of the server infrastructure.

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