Staying at home with Automation by Martyn Pratt

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We’ve always said we’re a technology company with a human touch, and right now is the perfect time to explain just how much technology can be used to help people.  Those companies who have utilised online collaboration tools effectively and taken the steps to allow remote working have a head start right now. But it […]

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Data Encryption Takeaways from an AWS Public Sector Transformation Day by Sikandar


Engineers at Automation Logic (AL) are fortunate to be involved with a multitude of projects within various client sites, some of which are within the public sector. These projects make extensive use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), whether to meet application or networking infrastructure requirements. Thus, events held by those at AWS are a great […]

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The Honest Engineer: What you don’t know by George Cairns

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Why transferring knowledge is easy, but transferring insight is hard. Acquiring Insight. Story Time: One way that AL engineers demonstrate the insight we’ve gained through experience is when we realise that an old technical solution might work in a new context. As an 18 year old nerd from Bolton, in 1998 I got my first […]

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Automation for the Win


Imagine a bitter, cold January day. People at the office are just starting to settle into the post-holiday work-life, still recuperating from the many holiday food comas and parties. Then suddenly, panic – a large group of about 600 caseworkers are not able to carry out their vital work because of an internal network issue.  […]

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Where do delays start?

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Delays are a problem for almost everyone that has ever worked in the IT industry, even with the best team and a generous budget it can be difficult to avoid them. Especially in the highly regulated industries which we’re so familiar with. Its rarely one person’s fault, so is there something that can be done […]

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Life at AL: From a Consulting Engineer

Automation LogicBusiness Blog

It’s common knowledge that there is an industry-wide struggle in hiring great DevOps Engineers. We pride ourselves on having some of the top experts in the industry, and this blog series aims to get to know some of our engineers and highlight how we create an environment to not only attract top talent but also […]

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High-Performing DevOps Teams by Nick Barton

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Software Development has changed over the years. DevOps has taken the Technology Industry by storm, moving beyond the buzzword and becoming an integral part of every high functioning IT teams strategy. But are companies really using DevOps to their advantage and getting the best out of their teams? One of our lead engineers, Nick Barton, […]

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UK IT Industry Awards: Young IT Professional Finalists!

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BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Computing launched this year’s UK IT Industry Awards to recognise exceptional organisations, people, projects and products. We had 4 entries shortlisted across 3 categories including Best Workplace in IT, UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Young IT Professional of the Year. We are delighted to have AL’s achievements recognised […]

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Collaborating for Results. Part Two.

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Following on from our initial conversation, we’ve been speaking with lead engineer, Nick Barton. Nick has just rolled off one of our biggest projects following a great success in a major release and we’ll be speaking to him about how he’s managed the team who succeeded in this. The release was a substantial Azure migration […]

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Leadership Team Development at AL with Georg Fasching

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At AL we regularly post blogs discussing our passion for growing and maintaining a great Company culture, living our values and keeping our people and our clients at the heart of all we do. In fact our two founders described their views just recently when being interviewed about what it meant to them to place […]

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