Data Encryption Takeaways from an AWS Public Sector Transformation Day by Sikandar


Engineers at Automation Logic (AL) are fortunate to be involved with a multitude of projects within various client sites, some of which are within the public sector. These projects make extensive use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), whether to meet application or networking infrastructure requirements. Thus, events held by those at AWS are a great […]

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Automation for the Win


Imagine a bitter, cold January day. People at the office are just starting to settle into the post-holiday work-life, still recuperating from the many holiday food comas and parties. Then suddenly, panic – a large group of about 600 caseworkers are not able to carry out their vital work because of an internal network issue.  […]

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Why I chose AL by Abdul Wahid

AcademyAutomation LogicAWSBusiness Blog

As a soon-to-be graduate, I asked my friends what to expect when starting a full-time job. Their answers were, unfortunately, mostly negative. They talked about some previous negative experiences, where they were given limited autonomy or personalisation in their role. This honesty pushed me to look for a job in a company that not only […]

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Blue-Green Deployment with Route53 and CloudFormation by Yufang Zhang

AutomationAWSCloudcontinuous deliveryDevops

Having an automated deployment process, or Continuous Delivery can hugely speed up the time to get a “done” software released. Blue-Green Deployment, as one of the techniques being used in it, can reduce downtime by having two identical production environments. Only one of the two environments have live traffic going in at any time. For […]

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Scalable Governance on AWS by Xavier Thomas

AWSBusiness Blog

Most of us are familiar with the usual hierarchal organisation set up by an IT department, where an individual developer is at the bottom of the totem pole and has to escalate upwards to get any issues resolved. Something as simple as being able to create a Dev environment to test one’s work has to […]

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Experiencing the AWS Partner Migration Workshop (held 03/10) by Matt Peperell

AWSBusiness Blog

Earlier this month a colleague and I attended the Partner Migration Workshop at Amazon’s Holborn (London) office. The format of this event was a showcase of AWS and chosen third-party products likely to be of use to firms undertaking a migration to the public cloud, followed by post-event socialisation. Around 30 people went along, so […]

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