At Automation Logic we are truly passionate about learning, so we recently launched an internal Mentoring Program that allows us to provide everyone in the organisation with an additional resource to maximise their learning.

The mentees are given the opportunity to regularly spend time with a senior in the organisation who has the knowledge or the experience on subjects that they’re keen to learn, whether it’s technical, sales or business related. This puts them in a better position to achieve their goals while gaining additional confidence to keep working on their own development.

For the mentors, the advantages are also multiple: the satisfaction from seeing others develop and succeed, the increased recognition by their peers and the stimulation provided by the challenging task that is being a mentor, to mention a few.

For the organisation as a whole, the Mentoring Program is clearly advantageous, bringing higher levels of motivation among employees, better clarity in terms of people’s own direction and objectives and increased levels of communication across different groups and roles.

In addition to the above, the Mentoring Program firmly reinforces our core values, reiterating Automation Logic’s strong culture:

– Curiosity: We are a bunch of curious people, continuously learning and trying to expand our skillset. The Mentoring Program seems an obvious, yet powerful tool to add to our learning resources.

– Humility: It takes some humility to be a good mentor: humble but knowledgeable, able to inspire and to provide guidance without arrogance. The same applies to a mentee: it takes some humility to accept that we don’t know everything and that we can always learn from others.

– Integrity: It’s in our DNA to never break a promise, so once we start a mentoring relationship, we intend to bring it to the end, respecting our peers’ time and sticking to our commitments.

– Collaboration: Sharing our knowledge and cooperating happens spontaneously in Automation Logic on a daily basis, so the Mentoring Program is a perfect tool to have at our disposal.

We have seen that by truly living our core values and launching initiatives to support the development of our team, our clients will also realise the value of our commitment to skills growth.

Our Service Delivery Manager, Maria Khoury, has seen the impact of knowledge sharing and great teamwork in practice.

“At AL, our engineers always say that having the whole AL team of engineers available to help solve any issues while on a client site is one of the biggest advantages of working here, this mentoring programme takes this benefit to the next level. When I meet engineers on site and they say they’re struggling with a particular skill or project, this mentoring program gives us a structure to ensure knowledge and experience is shared in a focused way.

To help with continuous training and development, we also have a skills heat map that identifies strengths and areas for training, this mentoring program also helps us make the best use of the knowledge we have in-house to fill in any gaps before seeking external training resources.”


Watch this space for future updates on the progress and impact of our mentoring scheme.

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