In an industry where hype is the norm the DevOps movement has been fairly low-key until quite recently. Well, low-key in the enterprise perhaps, but there is a massive and very passionate community that has been doing great things for some time. Things like deploying code to production, at scale, every 15 minutes or creating super computer scale systems for pharmaceutical research in the cloud and paid for with a personal credit card.

DevOps is now coming to an enterprise near you and will have a huge impact in 2015 and beyond, so get ready.

Compare DevOps with the production line; DevOps is the IT equivalent to help you understand the relevance.

The production line revolutionised industry and underpins our consumer world delivering a dazzling array of innovative products that are accessible to anyone.

While web and gaming companies pioneered this space it’s merits have been identified by global software companies, retailers, banks and even heavy industry.

Over five years we have observed many engineers content being blissfully ignorant of DevOps. Others have dismissed it but take note; this is changing and changing fast and now many enterprises have now nailed their sails to the DevOps mast.

DevOps is essential so it is inevitable; it will become ubiquitous in the enterprise and is fundamental to redress the impact that ITIL and out-sourcing has had on innovation and expertise.

How can we be so confident? DevOps shortens the software development lifecycle and reduces waste (time, process, repetition) and improves quality enabling you to focus on what is important to the business and innovate. Most fundamentally it is about automating all things including process, infrastructure, deployment, test, build and change. This has been something that many organisations have tried to tackle alone and have not succeeded.

So ask yourself:
1. Do you have the culture, capability and confidence to commence your DevOps journey?
2. Do you know where to start and what to avoid?
3. Do you understand what DevOps best practices look like and can you avoid anti-patterns?

DevOps is a C-cubed world. Culture, Capability and Confidence. You need all three to succeed.

Don’t fall into the common trap and assume this is simply about adopting the cloud or implementing tools – talk to someone who knows this space and has the hands-on experience to advise.

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