There is a temptation, once operating under the DevOps model, to rest on your laurels, content that you are now working in a modern development environment. The upshot is many organisations don’t measure the outcomes brought about through DevOps. They’ve done the hard bit, undergoing the initial technology, people, and process changes that the model demands, but are leaving unknown benefits on the table by not measuring performance.

By not measuring DevOps performance (or even knowing what KPI’s are important in the first place) you have no way of knowing whether you’re equipped to deliver the improvements that will realise the greatest impact to your business. 

But, in this digital age of fast-paced technology when everyone wants results fast, does measuring slow you down?

Yes, but so does stopping to look at a map, I assume I don’t need to expand on that metaphor? If you think of measuring purely as an activity, it will always be seen as an overhead, because it takes time and doesn’t directly relate to the work at hand. However, if you want to measure progress towards an outcome or a goal, then you will generally progress faster with periodic measurements because you can course-correct.

Think of it as the difference between running in any direction vs. running perhaps slightly more slowly, but always towards the goal. In the long run, it’s going to save you both money and time.

Do you ever find yourself asking the questions; Am I doing this right? What does good look like? Is my team happy? 

The Automation Logic DevOps Advance is a free online tool for you to measure your own teams’ capabilities across people, process and technology to give you instant personalised results to benchmark your own progress and lead the way forward. 

Get the results you need to:

– assess performance

– identify weaknesses

– adopt best practices

– accelerate speed, agility and quality of delivery

Take the digital assessment today to discover how you fare, what might be holding you back and, ultimately, where to focus to improve your DevOps performance.

Click here to learn more and get to the assessment: 

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