It’s been over a week since I started a new job at Automation Logic as a Consulting Engineer. I have to say I could not be happier with what I’ve seen so far! Just to set the context, I left a relatively comfortable position in a big corporation, where I had been for almost ten years, to join this diverse, fast-paced and rapidly growing consultancy firm based in London.

What enticed me?

For me, joining AL was a no-brainer. If I had to summarize it in a couple of sentences, I would say I just needed more action: I wanted more complex technical challenges and craved working outside of my comfort zone. I have some consulting experience and really missed the high of starting a new project, the roadblocks that come along the way and the satisfaction of successfully delivering and having a happy customer.

Automation Logic is offering me exactly that: a chance to work with enterprise and public sector clients, using the latest Cloud and Automation technologies, evangelizing the benefits of the cultural changes related to DevOps and of course, being surrounded by some of the best professionals in the field. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Being a nimble organization, the expectation is that I won’t simply be stuck in a static, post-sales role. Even though this is where my some of my key skills lie, I feel confident I’ll get the chance to help, provide input and grow in other areas, such as marketing or pre-sales. It’s all about continuous learning, and Automation Logic is offering me that opportunity: the chance to learn, not just about my role but about how the whole organization functions.

How did the joining processes worked?

Automation Logic made a great impression from the beginning. They didn’t take ages to get back to me following our first point of contact, which shows a lot of respect for the candidate from the start. Instead of a technical interview, they provided me with a really cool technical challenge to solve , which took me a good few hours to complete but that I enjoyed thoroughly. During the final face-to-face interview we got to review it, discussed what could have been improved and talked through the reasoning of the choices that had been made. It ended up turning into a conversation among techies, rather than the traditional question-answer interview structure.

When the job started, everything went smoothly. All the required administrative tasks were done by day 1. Not having to deal with a lot of red tape was fantastic! On my second day, I spent a bit of time sorting out my new laptop to have it exactly the way I wanted. And on day 3, I started doing real work: getting up to speed with our cloud platform solution, taking a couple of tasks on board and doing my first commit. Hurrah!

And how is Automation Logic different from the rest?

In my opinion, one of the coolest things at Automation Logic is the DevOps Academy. I wish I had found something like this when I was starting my career 15 years ago! The Automation Logic Academy provides graduates with a 12-week in depth training across a broad range of DevOps tools and technologies. When they are assigned to a project, this training makes a real difference to them, ensuring they truly stand out when compared to grads from other organizations. During my first week I had the chance to work with some of them around product development activities for the cloud platform and it was awesome to learn what an incredible bunch they are: technically sound, highly collaborative and very friendly.

So there you go, as you can guess by now, I am really pleased to be here and can’t wait for the challenges ahead! Does this snapshot of life at AL excite you and you would like to know more? Get in touch! We’re hiring!

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