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9th September 2022Execution

Why the Well-Architected Framework can de-risk and future-proof cloud migration

In this article, we discuss how embedding well-architected reviews into migration projects can help prioritise improvements and reduce the risk of costly issues down the line - such as security incidents, outages, and inefficient use of cloud resources.

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22nd March 2022Execution

Cloud Landing Zones: Sustainably evolve your Digital Business

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3rd March 2022Execution

Cloud Landing Zones

Automation Logic are specialists in working in highly regulated enterprise industries. Over the last 12 years, we’ve accumulated our expertise in delivering tailored cloud platforms and we have formed a point of view about what Cloud Landing Zones are and their benefits. 

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16th February 2022Execution

The Value of Discovery Activities

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12th February 2020Execution

Whitepaper: Deploying Sensu Go on AWS

Throughout the years we’ve had the chance to play with myriads of monitoring tools, targeting all kinds of systems. From your classic basement servers to your modern platform-agnostic microservices. Some promised being open source, some being easier to use, but they all shared one key flaw: 

Someone had to configure the entire system, and chances were you would be that person. 

If this sounds like an issue you've had/are having then this whitepaper is for you.

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