Daily Check in Form.

We have, like many other companies, strongly encouraged all our teams to move to remote working for the foreseeable future. Although remote working has always been an option for our employees we’ve always prided ourselves on being a social company, our team genuinely enjoy getting together during work hours as well as in their own time so we still want to ensure our employees are happy and have everything they need. We also believe it our duty to check that they are taking care of themselves. If they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 we want them to be following the official advice and focussing on getting better.

In order to quickly and effectively touch base with everyone every day we created this simple good form for everyone to fill in by 10am daily.

It checks how people are feeling emotionally, and if they are less than pretty good our trained mental health office gets in touch for support.

If they are working remotely and isolating, we can ensure they have all the equipment they need. If they are experiencing symptoms we can instantly link them to the official government advice and ensure we’re checking in on their recovery.

We’ve added this into a template for you to use with your team here:
Daily Check-in Form

Please make a copy of this form for your own use and do not edit directly into it – thank you! 


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