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Why Application Migration isn’t the Goal, but it will help you reach your Goals

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Every company has their own individual goals, but app migration will help you reach them.  By Adam Jasinski Workload Migration is an enablement for long term business sustainability. The drivers are typically derived from a long-term strategy, focusing on long-term goals such as Cost, Agility, Security and Governance.  The products that bring value to your […]

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‘Fix Me’. Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ops by Tom Moran


Throughout my transition from solo programming to DevOps consultant, I heard one consistent answer to the question of what DevOps actually is: “It’s a philosophy”.  Be it on my own prejudices, that answer has never seemed sufficient to me. It conjures an image of IT professionals smoking pipes and pondering “If a server crashes, but […]

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2020: A Year in Review

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2020, where do we even start?  It was a year that many may not want to dwell on, understandably. But for us it was a year that showed the strength and resilience of our team, so we’re looking back at the positives we discovered and the lessons we learnt.  Speaking to our Co-founder Kris Saxton […]

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