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About terraform modules: An explainer by George Tarnaras

Automation LogicDevops

If you’re reading this then I guess you’re in the middle of refactoring your terraform code, trying to make it reusable, easier to maintain and actually be proud enough to share it with others! Writing reusable code in the form of modules can be a challenging task, so we will try to explain some basics […]

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A DevOps engineer’s data dabbling by Luke Wiltshire

Automation LogicDevopsMachine Learning

As a consulting engineer at AL, my bread and butter for the last three years has been the likes of Terraform, Ansible and Jenkins. These are all tools which are fairly simple in principle, but have plenty of quirks and unintended uses which can keep an engineer learning/engaged/frustrated for some time. For a couple of […]

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The Remote DevOps Academy Graduates: Final Projects


As part of our 12-week DevOps Academy, our graduates are expected to group up in the last 2 weeks for their final projects. This is a large part of their mark and differs from their independent working as we assign them ‘a client’ to provide a real-life problem for them to look to solve. The […]

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