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Takeaways from Cloud Solutions 2020 Conference

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Procuring Cloud Solutions in the Public Sector In 2019 the NHS Shared Business Services Cloud Solutions Framework was officially launched. You might ask, why another framework? Put simply it’s to provide the most straight-forward, OJEU compliant route for the NHS and the wider public sector to purchase cloud solutions.  Following a rigorous exercise to evaluate […]

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Do you know where to be focusing your DevOps efforts in 2020?


There is a temptation, once operating under the DevOps model, to rest on your laurels, content that you are now working in a modern development environment. The upshot is many organisations don’t measure the outcomes brought about through DevOps. They’ve done the hard bit, undergoing the initial technology, people, and process changes that the model […]

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Agile, Empowerment and The Rolling Stones


Our latest DevOps Academy intake have now been here for about 6 weeks and are in the process of becoming experts in AWS, CI/CD and all things Cloud and DevOps over a 12-week intensive course. They’ll also be having a number of sessions on Agile and Scrum.  Recently I presented to them about ITIL and […]

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