Sebastian Norris

BSc Physics, University of Birmingham

“I was eager to jump into the world of tech once I had graduated, and the Automation Logic graduate academy proved to be an ideal transition from education to the workplace. I interviewed at various tech companies, but Automation Logic stood out from the crowd with a refreshingly unorthodox interview process and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The academy itself provided a wealth of technical knowledge alongside an assortment of practical and collaborative exercises that helped build fundamentals not only in automation tools, but teamwork also. Beyond the academy, working at Automation Logic has continued to be fun and rewarding.”

Chrystel Keegan

BSc Computer Science, Kings College London

“The AL Graduate Academy offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself into the world of DevOps. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the thirst for knowledge made the 12 weeks very enjoyable. The training provided by AL was practical and you are given a great overview on the tools used in the industry. Learning how automation tools like Ansible, Puppet and Jenkins are used through continuous projects during the academy was great way to practice the key concepts. After completing the course 2 months ago, I now feel confident in my work and make meaningful contributions towards AL.”

Abdul Wahid

Masters Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary University

“My aspirations stem from immersing myself in new technologies, in making a difference and to having an impact. A career in DevOps piqued my interest, as it was all about adopting a cultural change within a company through technology – right up my alley! The Academy at Automation Logic had just the perfect package – an intensive, yet intellectually stimulating training course filled with many, many technologies, coupled with a variety of programming languages. All the while, being challenged with new technologies and collaborating with my peers in day to day projects, I feel I am being rewarded through having fun!”

James Atha

Masters Computer Science, University of Kent

“My experience with Automation Logic has been stimulating and refreshing right from the start. The assessment day was friendly and relaxed, with fun and challenging activities as well plenty of time to meet the team. The Academy – an intensive DevOps course created by true experts in the field – was an incredible and rewarding experience, excellent preparation for my current role in product development, which I enjoy thoroughly.

Anna Hackett Boyle

Masters in Chemistry, University of Oxford

“I applied to Automation Logic because I wanted to pursue a role which involved a core technical element as well as a strong emphasis on problem solving. The interview process involved challenging problems that stretched and examined my thought process, which was very engaging. Being a graduate, I am given the flexibility to manage my own training and can reach out to other employees within the organisation for ongoing support and development.”

George Kostaras

Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Patras

“Automation Logic was recommended to me by a friend and during the interview process I quickly came to the decision that this is the right environment for me – the company culture promotes a positive atmosphere. The training is well defined and structured with a strong team ethos. Currently I am learning my way around Ansible before switching my attention to Jenkins, which I am excited about, as I am now picking up technologies which were alien to me previously. Automation Logic provide graduates with the perfect platform to fast track their career in automation engineering.”

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