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To leverage the full potential of the public cloud and reach the desired business outcomes, you must focus on solid foundations. Having a place to begin your journey is critical if you aim to engage and serve a global audience or simply improve customer experience through more reliable and performant systems.

Our Experience

With our experience within both public and private industries, we’ve seen frequent challenges, including high on-premise costs, datacentre exits, frequently changing compliance and customer requirements and technical debt embedded in legacy environments/workloads that impede future aspirations.


We can effectively guide and implement solutions with our knowledge of regulation across government and financial sectors and its impact on security and governance. Our goal is to enable our customers’ quick evolution and ultimately digital transformation whilst maintaining compliance with their end-users in mind.

Our Solution

A platform enabling consolidated hosting of modern and legacy workloads: Modular, multi-tiered Cloud Landing Zone implementation using AWS and Microsoft Azure.

We offer three tiers of a composable Cloud Landing Zone to best meet our clients’ business needs. 

Starting with Foundation for when a customer requires a limited feature set to enable rapid cloud adoption, where our customers need to get started quickly and evolve.

Then our Standard tier is a foundation for Cloud Platform, with default features set for most of our customers, including large enterprises. Built on the foundations of the Standard tier, we tailor the solution to your desired business outcomes. This is our recommendation for sustained value delivery and Workload Migration. 

Finally, we offer a premium tier for very complex cases which helps large enterprise customers with complex environments, offering full feature set requirements such as security, compliance, and custom integrations. This can also be implemented using a fully customised foundation based on customer requirements.

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