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Operating in the fast-paced IT services market, Automation Logic are at the forefront of guiding clients to successfully adopt new and evolving technology business practices.

The changing role of how IT delivers value to the business is exacerbating an IT skills shortage with skills in areas such as DevOps proving incredibly difficult to source.

Hiring DevOps talent was a challenge for us and we know it’s a challenge for our clients so we decide to use our knowledge and experience and take a new approach

Our Unique Approach

Automation Logic have launched a high-specialised DevOps Academy to equip future Junior Engineers in a broad range of DevOps practices, tools and technologies.

As leaders in this space, our prospectus is developed by experts based on the needs of our clients and, more than just concept training, we fully enable delegates with both the technical and commercial skills to succeed.

We have a robust selection process and all delegates that qualify from the Academy, join Automation Logic fulltime and are ready to work on projects for our clients.

As well as our expertly designed course content and approach, the uniqueness of our model is that, we offer Academy-qualified Junior DevOps Engineers to clients on contract basis but we also offer the chance to convert them to permanent employees.

The Benefits

We are proud to connect organisations with the scarce skills they need to achieve their goals. Our approach delivers the following benefits:

  • Rapid access to hard-to-source, highly specialised expertise
  • Reduced training and recruitment costs
  • Minimises the risk of building an in-house team from scratch
  • Enables a try-before-you-buy approach to capability building


If you’re looking to kick-start your career in the ever-exciting world of cloud and automation, see the following pages for more insight on working with us.

Meet some of our graduates  View our DevOps FAQ’s

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If you're an organisation looking for scarce DevOps talent we can connect you with the right skills. If you're an aspiring engineer looking for an exciting challenge to kick-start your DevOps career, we can offer an exciting new approach.

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