DevOps Transformation.
Sustainable and Human‑Centric
DevOps Beyond Technology

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To successfully adopt DevOps, an organisation must figure out how best to get started and how to quickly move beyond the experimentation phase. Developing a sustainable approach to the new team structures and ways of working that are at the core of this evolution is the goal of AL’s DevOps Transformation Framework.

The AL Way

In an age of knowledge workers, where the difference between managers and workers is disappearing, we believe lasting change must be delivered from within. The AL-Way focuses on building high performing internal DevOps teams, tapping existing potential to create an ultimately self-sufficient DevOps capability. This ‘inside-out’ approach both scales and outlasts any consultancy engagement.

Getting Started

Our DevOps Capability Workshop provides a baseline view of current DevOps capability and then identifies where to focus to deliver maximum improvement. Our data-driven approach makes change measurable and scaleable. The workshop spans Technology, Process, Organisation and Culture covering 20 KPI’s proven to be associated with high-performing DevOps teams.

Following this, the assessment can be rerun periodically to measure improvements, and when the model becomes self-sustaining, you can take it forward on your own.

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