Execution is everything. Without the right skills and structure, your Cloud strategy, however thorough, will not succeed. Whether you're thinking about developing a Cloud Centre of Excellence, establishing a new landing zone, migrating your workloads, or creating a secure, container-based platform, we offer the skills and experience to help you succeed.

The AL Way

Through our proprietary offerings and accelerators, we won’t only enable you to realise your aims and objectives while safely navigating the pitfalls of poorly executed Cloud strategies — we will add lasting positive value to you and your people through knowledge transfer.

Workload Migration

Whether you are focusing on migrating from on-premise to cloud, from virtual or private cloud to public cloud or from public cloud to public cloud, our team will leverage our service offering to bring you expertise and become the trusted partner that will help you migrate your workloads and environments to accelerate your journey to the cloud. See our Workload Migration page for more information

Secure Container Platforms

While parts of the business may be running happily in the cloud, making use of modern tools such as Kubernetes, workloads that are required to be on-premises and even air-gapped from the internet face being left behind, stuck with legacy deployment patterns and a lot of manual processes.

At AL we have delivered modern container platforms in completely offline environments to customers in the government and defence sectors, enabling them to reap the benefits of containers and Kubernetes while being safe in the knowledge their systems and data are isolated from the wider internet. See our Secure Container Platform page for more information.

Kubernetes Platform Accelerator

Everyone now appreciates the wide benefits of Kubernetes for running modern production applications at scale. However, we know how its vast and complex ecosystem can be challenging for businesses to navigate. Our modular infrastructure-as-code accelerators, built around Amazon EKS, provide a ready-to-deploy, multi-environment platform with essential tooling configured out of the box, allowing organisations to start leveraging the benefits of Kubernetes sooner. On top of it, we also offer training and bespoke upskilling plans to empower teams to take their technology to the next level and fill organisations’ skill gaps. If you are considering containerized applications, stuck in the process of adopting and upskilling in Kubernetes, we can help.

Want to Know More?

Access videos of AL's public speaking engagements where we share our perspective on topics including DevOps, Multi Cloud and legacy transformation.

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