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Those with highly sensitive data and workloads - often in strongly regulated industries - typically face a battle between their stringent security requirements and their drive to modernise software delivery.

How we can help

While parts of the business may be running happily in the cloud, making use of modern tools such as Kubernetes, workloads that are required to be on-premises and even air-gapped from the internet face being left behind, stuck with legacy deployment patterns and a lot of manual processes.

At AL we have delivered modern container platforms in completely offline environments to customers in the government and defence sectors, enabling them to reap the benefits of containers and Kubernetes while being safe in the knowledge their systems and data are isolated from the wider internet. 

What we do

We enable customers to run heavily restricted or regulated workloads using modern container-based development and operations approaches – bringing parity with online/cloud-based workloads. Kubernetes’ capacity management capabilities can improve hardware utilisation compared to VMs, reducing the number of servers required (reducing cost and energy consumption).

You can run workloads in isolated environments (or even remote locations) with greater confidence in their reliability. It can form part of an effective hybrid/distributed model of workload deployment.

Our experience

We have successfully delivered (designed, built, and operated) air-gapped, on-premises Kubernetes platforms for major clients in the government and defence sectors, and we have deep experience and understanding of the tools and processes which can bring modern software delivery parity to your restricted environments.

We have ready-to-go accelerators which take the pain out of installing Kubernetes in an offline environment, getting the platform stood up quickly and reliably. We can install Kubernetes management systems such as Rancher or OpenShift to provide maximum usability and enterprise features.

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