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Our approach to service delivery is deeply rooted in our engineering DNA and founded on our DevOps philosophy. We have honed our skills incorporating our core values to ensure we help our customers tackle their challenges and execute their vision in the most optimal way. For Automation Logic, Service Delivery is the careful and coordinated intersection of four key domains that delivers value to our customers.

Service Culture

First comes our service culture, where our principles, shared vision with our customers and work ethic combined with deep subject matter expertise puts delivering outcomes center to all our work.  Underpinned by our ways of working and service delivery management approach, we ensure we deliver value to our customers.

Employee Engagement

Then, it is our focus on employee engagement, focusing on the well being of our people, their continuous growth and development.  This is our biggest secret, maximising employee engagement and satisfaction, achieving maximum customer satisfaction.


The third domain is the quality of service we deliver, which draws upon our management system, processes and knowledge base.  These allow us to deliver the highest quality to our customers, no matter the challenge. 

Customer Service

Finally, our focus on customer service.  We make sure we provide the necessary service to realise the desired outcomes and as we do so, we ensure we transfer our knowledge to our customers, accelerating their learning and maturity curve whilst we collaborate to deliver value. We rely on shared and mutual continuous learning and improvement ethos with our customers to always improve what and how we deliver value.  Our Account Principals and Service Delivery leads ensure that.

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