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Whether you're developing your strategy, executing your plan, or running a live service, your service delivery model (i.e., the way you manage and optimise your software and infrastructure development lifecycles) should be at the forefront of your mind. Ultimately, if your service delivery model isn't fit for purpose, you'll fail to realise the full benefits of your investment. What's more, a poorly architected service model (i.e., one that doesn't reflect your business needs) may lead to the loss of planned productivity gains, financial and operational efficiencies, and user and employee satisfaction improvements. So, there's a lot at stake — getting this right depends on knowing where you are, understanding where you want to be, and having the skills and capabilities not only to bridge this gap but to adapt to new opportunities and challenges as they emerge.

Our definition

So, what do we mean by service delivery? In our experience, which extends to running and optimising some of the UK’s largest and most complex cloud platforms for the likes of the Ministry of Justice, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the Met Office, and Her Majesty’s Passport Office, we understand that effective service delivery pairs Cloud-First Managed Services (encompassing CloudOps and Optimisation, Cloud Security Operations, and Site Reliability Engineering) with robust DevOps Delivery. Indeed, DevOps Delivery (and the practices, processes, and tools that underpin it) aligns and enables all the above. This mature approach couples the repeatability and certainty offered by more conventional ways of working (such as ITSM-ITIL) with the flexibility and adaptability provided by Agile.

Why we're different

Finally, it’s time to think differently about how we measure the success of service delivery. Instead of arbitrary key performance indicators and service level agreements, which more often than not fail to tell the real story, we’ll work with you to design the right measurements for your organisation (i.e., the measurements that reflect your short, medium, and long-term business needs).

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