tech.ofautomationlogo Today we are pleased to announce that our “Technology of Automation blog” is about to get real! We are in the process of organising a series of initially London based face to face meet ups for the DevOps , Automation and Infracoder developer community where you will be able to hear from our bloggers about the topics we explore on the blog as well as ask them questions.

We’ll also be inviting along some special guests from within our customer and partner community so you can also hear from them on how they are helping transform the delivery of IT based services in their organisations.

These Devops focued meet ups are free to attend and will be lead by Automation Logic Consultant and TofA “Editor in Chief”, Matthew Mead-Briggs.

The inaugural sesssion will be held on the evening (6pm start) of Weds. January 20th 2016 at CodeNode

Keep the NSA out of your cat photos with “Let’s Encrypt”

Automation Logic Consulting engineer George Cairns will be showing you how to automate the deployment and management of SSL-enabled websites using Docker and the recently released “Let’s Encrypt” .

In addition, an invited guest from long-term Automation Logic client, the MOJ Digital will speak on some of the exciting projects which they are currently undertaking at the Ministry of Justice, transforming the delivery of Government services to the public:

Breaking down Monolith Legacy Systems.

Microservices in the Justice system – how we think we can build a more effective and efficient architecture for government.

For more information and/or to register to attend, please contact us

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