Continuous delivery at the Ministry of Justice

continuous delivery

One of the things we’ve been working on with the Ministry of Justice is creating a consistent way for teams to build and deploy their applications. This means that they can build new applications more quickly; it also means that developers working across different products can follow a tried and tested workflow process. For context […]

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Test driven development and why it matters


Test driven development (TDD) has been around, as a concept at least, for nearly 15 years. However, it’s still gaining acceptance with some developers and industries. Here’s the basics: write a failing end-to-end test write a failing unit test. write just enough code to make the unit test pass. repeat 2 and 3 until the […]

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PowerShell and REST APIs


Here at Automation Logic we spend a lot of time talking to a huge variety of APIs (RESTful or otherwise). So it’s nice to know that PowerShell makes it easier than ever to send API calls from the Windows command line. Here’s a recent example we’ve used to talk to the HP Operations Orchestration (OO) […]

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HP CSA node library


Calling all DevOps-minded users of HP Cloud Service Automation (HP CSA)! We have a lot of customers who need to automatically test their service designs while developing them. We found ourselves repeatedly building a test system using whichever tools they specified (usually HP Operations Orchestration). Rather than writing the same code over and over again […]

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