High-Performing DevOps Teams by Nick Barton

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Software Development has changed over the years. DevOps has taken the Technology Industry by storm, moving beyond the buzzword and becoming an integral part of every high functioning IT teams strategy. But are companies really using DevOps to their advantage and getting the best out of their teams? One of our lead engineers, Nick Barton, […]

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The Seven Sins of Multi-Cloud with Kris Saxton


Despite multi-cloud’s popularity, many organisations are still struggling with delivery. Which led us to the question: what’s going wrong with multi-cloud adoption? More specifically: how can we help organisations who are currently getting it wrong, get it right? Our Founding Partner Kris Saxton recently presented at Computing’s Cloud and Infrastructure Live on the ‘7 Sins […]

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Log Classification : A Comparison of Machine Learning Approaches (Part Two)

Machine Learning

The hype around machine learning shows no sign of slowing down. But while companies set out to hire more data scientists and machine learning engineers, many of us are still left wondering what it is exactly. In this two part blog series machine learning engineer Maartens Lourens sets out to introduce machine learning concepts and […]

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