HP CSA Node LibraryCalling all DevOps-minded users of HP Cloud Service Automation (HP CSA)!

We have a lot of customers who need to automatically test their service designs while developing them. We found ourselves repeatedly building a test system using whichever tools they specified (usually HP Operations Orchestration). Rather than writing the same code over and over again we’ve decided to end the madness and build an open-source javascript client library for HP CSA.

We’re releasing it to the community with an open source licence at https://bitbucket.org/automationlogic/hpcsa. The library allows you to programmatically order, modify, control and cancel CSA subscriptions.

We hope you’ll be able to build web and CLI integrations to your automated testing tools much more easily using this module. We welcome contributions, feature requests, and bug reports on bitbucket.

Here’s a snippet from the README on how to get started:

First you need to log in to your CSA instance:

var hpcsa = require ('hpcsa');
var login = hpcsa.login("https://myCsaServer:8444", // your HP CSA server
"consumer", // marketplace username
"cloud" // marketplace password
"CSA_CONSUMER", // CSA organisation name
"idmTransportUser", // idm username
"idmTransportUser", // idm password
true // false to turn off certificate checking
console.log ("congratulations. your token is " + xAuthToken)

Once you’ve verified this works, you can move onto actually doing stuff.

Order a subscription:
Here’s how to order a basic subscription (add this to the bottom of the above code):
return hpcsa.order(
"Global Shared Catalog", // catalog name
"SIMPLE_SYSTEM", // offering category name
"RHEL7 Virtual Server", // offering name
"My redhat server", // subscription name
{}, // subscriber options

Let us know what you build and what you think!

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