Our mission is to free people to realise their creative potential through automation. We will achieve our mission by giving great people the opportunity to do what they do best – deliver value to our clients”. 

As we’ve grown, so has the scale and scope of our projects, which has created a new challenge for one of our most experienced lead engineers, Nick Barton, to take on a new role as Head of Delivery.

Head of Delivery: There are many strings to his bow, but Nick’s description is,

‘I always say I make sure that customers are happy, and I have the right people in the right place at the right time with the right skills, as long as they’re a good cultural fit, ensuring this will lead to a happy customer. A key priority for me is making sure people on the team are happy, we’re a people-first company, and that’s something I plan to ensure during my time.’

Delivery spans a number of key responsibilities but core aspects of Nick’s role include; the NPS surveys to measure customer satisfaction, employee engagement and being able to deliver to revenue growth targets, readying engineers for new projects as the sales pipeline progresses so we can always deliver what we promise as well as ensuring engineer training and progression happens. 

So how did Nick get to this position, and what led to the role of Head of Delivery? 

Well, he started with a degree in engineering and electronics and within a year of graduating had become a team lead on a grad scheme. Since then he’s been running technical teams still being very much hands-on with the technical work. Nick went and worked for some big names all over the UK, giving him that invaluable enterprise experience that’s served so well during tenure with AL, and then he joined AL back in the days where there were less than 10 employees in the business! Starting as a Lead Engineer and leading our first big project, he has now led many of the large scale projects we have delivered, giving him all the experience needed to get the job done. 

As AL continues to grow, the founders have built a leadership team to help support and scale the business and Nick was engaged as the right person to figure out how best to run and take care of the delivery organisation.

‘Our founders had confidence in me which gave me the confidence to take on the role.’ 

So, what are Nick, and AL’s plans for the future with this new role? 

‘Giving all our engineer access to the training that will help them in their roles is priority number one, we have a team working on this, it’s taking time but we have a team of incredibly skilled engineers in a fast-moving industry, allowing them to keep on top of their skillset and progress to the next level is important to them, important to the client, and important to me. This will make sure we’re keeping up with the latest tech in an ever-moving industry. I’m still in planning mode but my main focus is around ensuring we continue to grow whilst staying true to our values. My favourite value has always been ‘courage’ and I’m keen to embody that in all we do, as well as ensuring everything moving forward is centred around our customers, current and future, because they’re the reason we exist, and my ‘why’ moving forward.’

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