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Kubernetes is the industry standard for running modern production applications at scale. However, navigating its vast and complex ecosystem can be a challenge for any business.

Automation Logic has been helping organisations unlock the benefits of Kubernetes since 2018. With our deep expertise and ready-to-deploy platform modules, customers can leverage these years of experience to demystify and accelerate their path to full-scale, best-practice Kubernetes adoption.

Our Experience

Kubernetes is the de facto standard for running modern applications at scale. We’ve seen how our clients can benefit from its cost and performance efficiency, developer experience, resilience, portability, and flexibility. With a whole host of Cloud Providers managed Kubernetes products to choose from, the barrier to access has never been lower. However, navigating the vast, complex ecosystem of tooling options, as well as the very different way of operating in a Kubernetes environment compared to virtual machines, still causes significant challenges – we have experienced it firsthand! There is a persistent and sizable skills gap that prevents organisations from realising their modernisation ambitions.

Our Solution

Automation Logic has years of experience helping large organisations – across government, defence, retail, and finance – bring clarity to their Kubernetes strategy, deliver secure and efficient platforms, and modernise and migrate their applications. Our new modular infrastructure-as-code accelerators built around Amazon EKS make this easier than ever, providing a ready-to-deploy, multi-environment platform with essential tooling configured out of the box.

In more detail, Automation Logic’s Kubernetes platform gives you:

  • Pre-configured IaC for VPC and EKS cluster deployment
  • Essential add-ons such as load balancing, DNS and dashboards
  • Monitoring and logging to AWS CloudWatch
  • Vulnerability scanning using Kubescape
  • Pipelines for platform testing and deployment
  • Deployment-readiness, including an example AWS CodePipeline
  • Thorough documentation and guidance
  • Targeted upskilling paths

How This Helps You

The result: significantly less time spent wrangling with infrastructure and tooling decisions, allowing you to start reaping the benefits of Kubernetes and running modern, well-architected workloads much sooner than doing it alone. As always at AL, our focus is on leaving your teams empowered to take your technology to the next level, with a mix of training material, workshops, collaborative development, and bespoke upskilling plans.

If you’re considering containerised applications, are stuck in the Kubernetes mud, or need advice about the best way forward, talk to us about how we can help.

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